Hydrojet Signs & Fabricating is a new business that has started in the Winchester, IN area. This company is a division of Glass Components, INC. Our main focus is to create custom, unique, and one of a kind signs for all of our customers needs. We have thousands of drawings that can be put on a sign and if we don’t have what you are looking for such as a company logo, all we need is a picture of the item and we can convert it right onto the computer.

All of our signs we make are made out of 16 (.06) gauge or 11 (.116) gauge metal, unless requested any different from the customer. We can make signs for your personal needs such as home décor, welcome signs, signs with your last names and when it was established ( which are great for anniversaries and weddings), farm and ranch signs, business signs, 4H signs with your child’s name in the animal they are showing, mailbox toppers, park benches, banners and archways, letters for your barn, house, or even your business, and many other unique items.


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Upcoming Events:

Randolph County 4-H Fair – Winchester , IN

July 17-23, 2020